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SalesReply is a B2B Lead Generation Agency that uses Cold Calling, Email, LinkedIn, and Direct Mail to book meetings with qualified buyers at top prospects by using a proprietary technology platform.

Specialized Team Structure

We've broken down outbound in to 4 specialized roles.

Sales Strategist

Sales Strategists

Specialize in sales development strategy, campaigns, optimization and reporting.

Event Management

Meeting Setters

Manage all responses, handle objections and book sales meetings for your reps.

Software Developer

Cold Callers

Call on your top prospects part-time and full-time to book sales meetings for your reps.

sales Programmer


Researches websites and internal databases to find influencers and decision-makers.

Multichannel Sales Strategies

We create custom strategic sales playbooks and set weekly meeting goals.

custom strategic outreach playbook
custom strategic outreach playbook

How We're Different From Other Agencies

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Total Addressable Market

Building a master list of all your potential prospects is the first step in building a successful sales strategy. No other agency builds you a comprehensive list of thousands of prospects because of the effort and cost, however, we view it as key to understanding the big picture and being successful.

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Sales Development Playbook

The Sales Playbook is a 20-30 page overview of how we will approach your market. Every Playbook includes your total addressable, ideal company profile, buyer personas, competitor analysis, value prop breakdown, campaign messaging, weekly meeting goals, handoff procedures, and SalesReply benchmarks and best practices.

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Proprietary Technology

Rather than molding our process around 3rd party applications like other agencies, we developed a breakthrough patent-pending technology. Data validation, spam keywords detector, real-time reporting, activity tracking, improved deliverability, and intricate message testing that's never been possible until now - all in one place.

Other Key Differentiators

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Agency Model

Instead of hiring a single rep, you're assigned a team of experts across various B2B sales and marketing disciplines.

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Touch prospects using LinkedIn, Direct Mail, Email, Cold Calling and Advertising in a combined strategy.

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Speed To Results

We're month-to-month, so results are our lifeblood. Most clients see meetings within the first few weeks of outreach.

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Direct Mail

In-house fulfillment, execution and follow up for creative B2B direct mail campaigns to cut through the noise and reach prospects.

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Complex Cycle Experience

We're well versed in developing high-quality prospecting programs targeting 6 and 7 figure accounts on behalf of our clients.

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Try Before You Buy

We offer a risk-free onboarding for every client because we want you to feel 100% confident in our approach.

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