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Denver, September 30, 2019 -  Leading outsourced Sales Development agency Pipestry announced today the business’ rebrand to SalesReply. The comprehensive rebrand leads the initiative to align Pipestry’s outsourced prospecting services with SalesReply’s proprietary SaaS technology to reform how B2B startups approach outbound sales and marketing. 

Designed around processes used to create more than 150 B2B Sales Development programs, SalesReply is the only outbound sales platform designed to replicate sales development representative (SDR) activities at scale and reduce the need for entry level SDRs while optimizing critical Marketing tasks. With the added benefit of their successful prospecting and meeting setting services, SalesReply is poised to help growing B2B startups maintain a strong growth trajectory while minimizing payroll and overhead.

"Building an internal sales development team is costly, time-consuming and requires an extensive knowledge of prospecting processes and tools," said SalesReply Co-Founder Phil Benavides. “Previously, outsourcing inside sales was limited to hiring either a telemarketing or lead generation company. Both of these options are mostly out of touch with best practices for account based sales development.”

According to the Bridge Group, a single on-target SDR costs on average $72K per year, not including recruitment cost and benefits. The ramp up time is 3.2 months and turnover is 14 months, meaning a company only has a little over 10 months with the rep at full production before they jump ship.

"In SalesReply, we created an account based sales development platform that produces high-quality meetings and provide market insights at scale, making it easy for companies to grow without paying a fortune,” explains Brendan Burnett, CEO. "This makes it painless to scale growth and foster more predictable pipeline. Perhaps more importantly, this approach enables companies to better understand their market and implement strategies based on data-driven findings across multiple arms of their organization, like marketing and development."

What is SalesReply?

As a software, SalesReply automates manual sales development tasks like sending personalized emails using “Smart Variables”, in-platform social outreach, and logging activities, all done at scale. Marketing functions like message testing by persona / market segment, email deliverability enhancements and contact list validation help align initiatives between both departments, reducing the number of hands needed to build pipeline.

“Within SalesReply, companies can automate critical SDR activities like email and LinkedIn outreach while keeping a personalized appearance,” said Brendan Burnett, CEO. “I think one of the features we’re most excited about is the multivariate testing. Rather than writing email templates to A/B test, users can now create individual variables such as stories, problems, value props and call-to-actions. Each variable is tracked individually and can be turned off if it’s performing low. This enables users to quickly determine the best performing combination of messaging for each campaign they run based on data instead of relying on outdated A/B testing. It gives users the ability to send thousands of emails specific to each persona they are targeting without sending a single duplicate email which can increase deliverability and help growing companies understand their messaging better and how to position themselves in the market.” 

As a managed sales development service, companies have the option to contract a SalesReply Strategists with an average of 4 years sales development experience to prospect on their behalf. The Strategist starts by collaborating with clients to uncover their buyer persona, ideal customer profile, value prop, and competitive landscape. After conducting an in-depth analysis of the target market and buyers, the Strategist develops a go-to-market strategy, builds account and contact data lists, writes copy to test, and structures 5-10 touch multi-channel campaigns. The findings are then compiled into a “Sales Development Playbook” and Total Addressable Market and presented to the client for review. Once the strategy is approved, SalesReply uses their US-Based team and their platform to run outbound campaigns to 1000 target accounts over the course of a quarter. The team then manages all email and LinkedIn responses, handles objections, and books meetings on behalf of clients with qualified buyers. 

Why does SalesReply matter in the market?

“In a funding environment that is trending away from large seed investments, startup B2B companies in the technology and services space depend on us to expand their businesses in an affordable manner,” Burnett explains. “Hiring and managing an internal sales team can cost north of $500K per year without any guarantee for success. That's an unnecessary risk for scaling businesses and a giant headache. We are very excited to be the go-to company on both the service and technology front that enables growth-stage companies to generate the traction necessary to evolve into large sales organizations."

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Sam Feldotto
Head of Sales & Growth
Email: [email protected]