Procurement Software Company

Case Study

Cargo container boat

21 Months


  • 212 Meetings in 21 months
  • 122 Meetings from Email
  • 44 Meetings from Phone (in only 3 mo)
  • 13 Meetings from LinkedIn


Our client was looking for a cost effective way to establish their outbound sales program and test messaging that would influence their target market. They had recently closed a round of funding and wanted to make sure that they were prepared with high quality targeting and messaging before expanding their internal sales team.


1. We created a Sales Development strategy along with a Total Addressable Market that spanned several verticals with a focus on manufacturing.

2. We tracked response sentiments across every vertical to determine which industries felt that this was a high priority product.

3. After determining priority targets we began testing different ways to approach the market and found that moving away from technical descriptions and simplifying our messaging worked best

4. We expanded outreach from a single channel (Email) to true multichannel outreach including Phone, Email, LinkedIn, and Direct Mail.

5. Our client's go to market strategy is very events and networking driven, and we have supported this focus by leveraging our research teams and scalable outreach to make connections before and after events.

6. Over the course of 2 years we have worked closely with the Marketing department to unify tone/voicing across all go to market efforts, and have developed over 20 unique campaigns to present their product.


Company Type

Company Size
20 Employees

Procurement Software

Target Industries

Target Departments

Outreach Channels
Calling, Email, Social, Direct Mail

San Francisco, CA

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