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8 Months


  • 96 booked meetings in 8 months
  • 81 meetings from Email
  • 14 meetings from LinkedIn
  • 24 meetings booked during COVID
  • 4,793 Total Addressable Market Built


Nuro was looking to scale outreach and increase the number of quality sales meetings to make a name among higher education institutions and sign new business. They started with 1 sales rep and now have 3. Their concerns were booking quality meetings with the right titles and making sure their outreach partner represents them well.


1. We built a Total Addressable Market of Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges, Trade and Technical Schools with a focus on VP of Academic Affairs and Student Success.

2. We created a Sales Development Playbook that included buyer roles, copy, strategy, and best tactics.

3. We created 1 campaign, using multi-variate testing, targeting the above mentioned titles.

4. We created a re-target campaign reaching out to anyone who hadn't been sent an email in 90 days- this campaign focussed on another tool of our client.

5. We had just stated a competitor campaign when COVID-19 changed our focus.

6. We started a COVID-19 focussed campaign due to schools having to now be all online and targeted Provosts and Chancellors of the Total Addressable Market.

7. In the midst of COVID-19, Nuro hosted a webinar about how best to engage with remote students. SalesReply ran a campaign to gauge interest and increase attendance.


Company Type

Company Size
20 Employees

Student Retention Platform

Target Industries
Universities, Colleges

Target Departments
Academic Affairs

Outreach Channels
Email, Social, Direct Mail

Chicago, IL


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