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7 months


  • 88 meetings in 7 months
  • 56 meetings from Email
  • 32 meetings from LinkedIn
  • 25 page Sales Development Playbook


Aiera was looking to scale outreach and increase the number of sales meetings to sign new business, gauge interest in their product/service, and get feedback on what financial firms are looking for in a product like Aiera's. They started with 1 sales rep and now have 2. Their concerns were booking quality meetings that would progress through Aiera's pipeline into signed deals and making sure their outreach partner represents them well.


1. We built a Total Addressable Market of financial firms with a focus on investment departments.

2. We created a Sales Development Playbook that included buyer roles, copy, strategy, and best tactics.

3. We created 2 campaigns. One was focused on full service - active asset management, portfolio manager and buyer side managers. The other was focused on sell side research analysts. Both of these campaigns started with contacts Aiera sent to us and over time we have been adding contacts from the Total Addressable Market

4. Our copy changes depending on the time of year and where we fall in the quarter.

5. We have also run firm specific campaigns and travel campaigns to book in person meetings.

6. We have run campaigns during COVID-19 to drive attendees to weekly webinars


Company Type

Company Size
25 Employees

Investor Insight Platform

Target Industries

Target Departments
Investors, Analysts, Traders

Outreach Channels
Email, Social, Direct Mail

New York, NY


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Aiera is an event intelligence platform that leverages deep learning to enhance active fundamental investment strategies.

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