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4 months


  • Booked 153 meetings
  • Doubled meeting rate after first 5 months
  • Expanded TAM to 13,324 accounts
  • Received 2 potential client referrals


When we first started working together, Hone's cofounder was also the sales rep and the person handling marketing / sales outreach and was relying heavily on inbound leads. The initial company size and personas we were going after needed to be tested and adjusted. They really needed to bring in discovery calls to hit some lofty goals set by their investors and so they could hire some reps to assist the cofounder.


We built a Total Addressable Market focusing on smaller companies, HR titles and VP and Head of other departments. Then we created a playbook that went into detail on each vertical and persona. After running the campaign for a few weeks, the SalesReply team noticed that the VP and above titles of departments outside of HR were not the right fit and were able to let our client know their target audience might be different than they originally thought.

We were also able to determine that companies with 500 employees or more were a better target, with 1k-5k employees being the sweet spot. Because of this info, we were able to adjust and expand the TAM. Our campaigns focused on inbound, cold opps and cold outreach. We sent direct mail to cold opps, and most engaged from email. Our LinkedIn and email campaigns sent to L&D and VP and above in HR were the most successful. We also ran additional campaigns to existing opps to help move them through the pipeline that resulted in deals closing.


Company Type

Company Size
40 Employees

Workplace Training

Target Industries

Target Departments

Outreach Channels
Email, Social, Direct Mail

San Francisco, CA


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