Keep the Phones Ringing Without Hiring Internally

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Cold Calling Use Cases

3289 - Video Call

Qualify Inbound Leads

Increase opportunities by promptly calling and qualifying inbound website leads.

63 - Call Center

Outbound Prospecting

Build awareness and pipeline by cold calling decision-makers at your top prospects.

2857 - Two Persons Chatting

Customer Surveys

Build a better understanding of your market and clients by performing calling surveys.

Our Cold Calling Process

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Build Lists & Write Scripts

We work with our customers to build the perfect prospecting lists and A/B different call scripts.

2856 - On-going Call

Launch Campaigns

Once the lists and scripts are approved, our team of cold callers will start dialing and engaging with prospects.

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Optimize Scripts & Objections

After we've gathered enough data, we optimize listen to call recordings and creating new objection responses.

3319 - Inflation

Meeting Setting & Scaling

Now that the campaigns are optimized, we shift focus to setting meetings and scaling our outreach.

Key Aspects Of Successful Cold Calling

621 - List View

Validated Lists

We build lists of your target prospects and confirm their direct dials with our software.

4420 - Call on Laptop

Call Recordings

Clients can log in and listen to recordings of any call or voicemail in real-time.

4403 - Call for Information

Objection Training

Setting objection responses gives our cold callers the best opportunity for success.

The Importance Of Cold Calling


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of C-level buyers prefer that salespeople call them


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of sales go to the vendor that responds first


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of sales reps give up after 1 phone call follow-up

We Set 3,500+ Meetings In 2019

Find out how in a 15 minute intro call


Can I Provide My Own Lists?

Of course. We can use any list you have and also help you validate the phone numbers.

Can I Provide My Own Call Scripts?

No problem. We can use any script that you have and help optimize the campaigns.

What does the reporting look like?

We report on how many contacts, calls, engagements, and list our answers to any custom questions.

Can I build out a custom campaign with email and phone?

Yes. Our strategists can help you brainstorm for the best possible strategy for your target market. All inside our platform.