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Cold Calling Use Cases

3289 - Video Call

Qualify Inbound Leads

Increase opportunities by promptly calling and qualifying inbound website leads.

63 - Call Center

Outbound Prospecting

Build awareness and pipeline by cold calling decision-makers at your top prospects.

2857 - Two Persons Chatting

Customer Surveys

Build a better understanding of your market and clients by performing calling surveys.

Our Cold Calling Process

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Build Lists & Write Scripts

We work with our customers to build the perfect prospecting lists and A/B different call scripts.

2856 - On-going Call

Launch Campaigns

Once the lists and scripts are approved, our team of cold callers will start dialing and engaging with prospects.

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Optimize Scripts & Objections

After we've gathered enough data, we optimize listen to call recordings and creating new objection responses.

3319 - Inflation

Meeting Setting & Scaling

Now that the campaigns are optimized, we shift focus to setting meetings and scaling our outreach.

Key Aspects Of Successful Cold Calling

621 - List View

Validated Lists

We build lists of your target prospects and confirm their direct dials with our software.

4420 - Call on Laptop

Call Recordings

Clients can log in and listen to recordings of any call or voicemail in real-time.

4403 - Call for Information

Objection Training

Setting objection responses gives our cold callers the best opportunity for success.

The Importance Of Cold Calling


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of C-level buyers prefer that salespeople call them


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of sales go to the vendor that responds first


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of sales reps give up after 1 phone call follow-up

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