Let Our Strategists Optimize Your Outbound

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Key Consulting Objectives

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Campaign Optimization

Allow our Sales Hacker team to regularly meet with your team to review SalesReply campaigns, make recommendations, share new ideas, optimize messaging, build lists and test new variables.

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Pipeline Acceleration

Schedule meetings with our B2B pipeline consultants to review your meeting-to-close process. We'll review every aspect of your sales cycle and help optimize time-to-close and overall win ratios.

Our Prelaunch Strategy

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Understand The Entire Market Potential

One of the first steps to a successful targeting strategy is identifying the total addressable market. We analyze all of your current customer verticals and identify new markets, then build out a master total addressable market.

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Get Accurate Contact Data

Our team has partnerships and licenses to every major data company, allowing us to find contact information for any contact in any vertical. For anything we can't find, we have a large overseas team that can perform any manual research needed.

B2B Sales Development Outsourcing Agency & Platform

Prioritze and Segment Target Verticals

Once the total market potential has been identified and uploaded into SalesReply, we break it down into account categories, assign and prioritize by analyzing easiest-to-close, market fit, and marketing collateral.

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Master Target Buyer Personas

Before you can write copy that resonates with your audience, you need to fully understand what makes them tick, read, and buy. It all comes down to understanding what their KPIs are and what language they use internally.

Our Post-Launch Strategy

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Create Multichannel Campaigns

From direct mail to email to account based advertising, our team of Sales Hackers can help you build out 360-degree campaigns with the highest conversions possible with a goal of having the highest possible market penetration. 

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Scale And Optimize Messaging

With our revolutionary multivariate testing, optimization has never been easier. Our Sales Hackers can teach your team to become optimizations experts and also recommend new variables to test and optimize.

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Push Deals Down The Funnel

Setting the meeting is just the first step in the sales funnel, closing deals is really where the magic happens. We will break down your sales cycle and remove and add steps to help increase your closed-won ratios.

We Set 3,500+ Meetings In 2019

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How often do we meet with our Sales Hacker?

Depending on your needs and internal team, we recommend meeting with your Sales Hacker 1-4 times per month. 

What is the scope of their work?

Sales Hackers core responsibility is to create an effective scalable outreach plan. This includes building out targeted verticals, contact lists, optimizing platform use, managing data, and accelerating deals down the pipeline.

Can they help build lists?

Yes. But list building is a separate cost that we typically charge per contact. Additionally, if the list requires our outsourced team, we will also charge an hourly rate.

Can they help build out all of our campaigns?

Yes. Sales Hackers will help build campaigns and optimize them. They are your go-to for anything SalesReply related that is not a core Responder responsibility.