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Difficulties With Traditional Contact Management

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Data Syncing

Managing a clean CRM database has become the standard in the industry, but CRM's are so complicated that they demand a CRM expert to administer. 

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Account Mapping

Uploading contacts sounds easy, but mapping them to the correct accounts without creating duplicate contacts and accounts is much easier said than done.

Key Features Of Our Custom CRM

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Unique Identifier Simplification

Databases get filled with duplicates and we're putting an end to that. Every contact is uniquely identified using the email address and every account is uniquely identified using the email domain. So as long as a contact has an email address (which is required), it will be able to update existing contacts and map to the correct account.

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Account Automation

Instead of having to upload all your accounts, get their account ids and then map them to the correct contacts, you can simply upload your contacts and new accounts will be created automatically using email domain as the unique identifier. We also allow to add multiple email domains to one account.

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Account & Contact Categories

Easily segment your contact and account lists using account and contact categories. This makes it simple to organize and report of specific target segments and buyer groups.

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Account & Contact List Management

While most systems allow for a contact to be in only one list, we've made it easy to track lists and allow a single contact to be in multiple lists, making it easy to review and report on old campaigns and their contacts.

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How does SalesReply compare to SalesForce?

We've taken all the important aspects of Salesforce, built them into SalesReply and make them easier to use. This includes contacts and accounts, lead and meeting sources, custom fields, bulk imports and updates, and complete pipeline management and reporting.

Does SalesReply use leads?

At SalesReply we do not make a distinction between leads and contacts. We simply call them all contacts and automatically create accounts and account statuses based on the contacts and their email domains.

Is it possible to merge accounts and contacts?

Yes. This is a very simple function of selecting the records you would like to merge and clicking "Merge." In the case of accounts, it's great to do this when an account has multiple email domains. Additionally, for contacts, this is useful when a contact has multiple email addresses.

How does the list management work?

Every time a list is uploaded to SalesReply, a new list is created under the name of the uploaded file. Additionally, you can upload custom lists and add/remove contacts from your existing lists. Lists also appear on the account and contact detail pages.