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Difficulties of Deliverability

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Smarter Spam Filters

Sales email deliverability is getting more difficult by the day. Email servers look at your authentication, email volume, domain reputation, IP reputation, size, HTML, links (including open pixels) and over email copy.

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Spikes In Volume

Everyone wants to send as many emails as possible as quickly as possible. This often results in spikes in volume that can negatively affect your email domain reputation. It's best to increase volume "naturally."

Deliverability Is A Core Focus

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Every Email Is Unique

Just because you are changing the first name and company in your email copy doesn't mean that your emails are unique. Our email variable sets not only allow you to perform multivariate tests, but they also make every single email handcrafted.

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Spam Keyword Finder

Our built-in Spam Keyword Finder helps you identify and remove spam keywords from your email copy. The concept is very simple, the less identified spam keywords in your emails, the better.

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Email Volume Throttling

We've created the concept of throttling email volume by slowly accelerating your email volume every day until the Full-Throttle Date, at which the Full-Throttle Volume is hit. This allows for a more natural increase in email volume, which does not raise any flags.

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Open Tracking Sampling

The irony of open tracking is that it actually results in fewer emails being opened when its purpose is to help increase open rates. We've created the concept of adding open tracking pixels to a percentage of your emails. This way, you can still know your overall open rates without cannibalizing the deliverability potential of all of your emails.

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How do I know if my emails are going to spam?

Any email campaign with less than a 15% open rate is likely being flagged as content spam. Any email campaign with less than a 10% open rate is likely being flagged as a spam domain.

How do I improve my open rates?

The biggest reasons people are in spam is due to content issues. Try to remove as much html from your emails as possible, decrease the percentage of emails with open tracking pixels, and make sure your copy doesn't have spam keywords.

Why do I need to throttle my email volume?

The key to automation is to look as natural/organic as possible. You can't buy a new domain and start sending 100 emails on the first day. It is always helpful to slowly ramp up all of your email campaigns.

How many emails can I send per day?

This is highly variable on your domain age and reputation. Typically, for a fully ramped up email domain, we do not recommend sending more than 100 emails per day per email account.