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We Built Our Platform Around Our Proven Process

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Completly Unique Feature Set

We've built a game-changing stand-alone sales system designed to scale outreach, send multichannel campaigns, maximize delivery, optimize testing, manage pipeline, and track clients.

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Supply Chain Sales Model

We've broken down the SDR into these specialized roles to maximize the output: the Sales Strategist, the Responder, and Researcher. Each of these specialized roles and can be hired as needed.

Features That You Won't Find With Any Other Platform

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Variable Sets For Multivariate Testing

We've broken down every aspect of a sales email into custom variables (ex. Subject, Greeting, Opener, Problem Statement, Value Prop, Story, Call-To-Action, Closer). For each variable, a user can upload custom values and optimize the variables yielding the best open rates, responses and meetings booked.

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Open Rate Sampling

Adding an open tracking pixel to your emails actually decreases the number of emails that are being opened. The exact opposite of its purpose. We offer the option to track a percentage of your emails to keep your pulse on your subject line success without cannibalizing your deliverability.

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Volume Throttling To Warm Up Campaigns

One of the biggest flags for spam is "unnatural" spikes in volume, particularly on a brand new domain. Our system allows users to set a "Full-Throttle Volume" that will be gradually ramped up to using the "Days Till Full-Throttle" feature.

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Unlimited Email Accounts Per Campaign

This is what gives our users the power to scale. Most traditional sales development platforms assign one email per user and all limit their campaigns to one email account. We allow a single user to add unlimited email accounts and assign as many as they need to a single campaign.

A Few More Features Worth Noting

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Detailed Account-Based Reporting

We automated our account based reporting by using email domains as the unique identifier. This enables users to report on how many companies that have received emails/direct mail, opened emails, replied, booked meetings, and closed deals.

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Comprehensive Multichannel Campaigns

You can achieve great success combining outreach channels. Inside SalesReply, you can add a prospect to an advertising campaign, followed by a handwritten letter, a few email follow-ups, and phone call.

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Global Hard Bounce List

In part of our effort to maximize deliverability, we've taken on the battle of the hard bounce. All databases degrade, but SalesReply protects its users' email deliverability using aggregated hard bounce data to decrease bounce rates and increase engagement.

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Integrated Meeting Management

No need for any other pipeline management tool. We've built a comprehensive meeting tracking solution directly into SalesReply, including meeting owners, meeting sources, meeting dates, meeting statuses, meeting notes and of course custom fields.

We also added a new concept called "Potential Meetings" which can be used for pending meetings that have not been booked and can be converted into booked meetings.

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Account Services and Team Augmentation

We offer to consult and support every aspect of the sales funnel. From email domain creation to subject line optimization, our team of Sales Hackers, Responders and Researchers can fill any missing gap in your team and help train your existing team members. 

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Do I have to use a supply chain model?

Not at all! SalesReply is built to work with all existing sales development models, however, we specifically designed it to enable small teams to have maximum reach and results.

Can you help me hire a Sales Hacker or Responder?

Of course! If you need help building out an internal team, you can hire one of our Sales Hackers or Responders to fill any gaps you might have.

Does SalesReply integrate with Salesforce?

At the moment, SalesReply is a stand-alone platform. We specifically gave it all the important sales features of Salesforce and automated account creation and management to make it more user-friendly.

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