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Why Email Validation Is Important

Data Degrades Naturally

Data Degrades Naturally

People change jobs regularly, and in doing so their emails in your database are now hard bounces. As databases degrade naturally, every company in the world struggles with maintaining an accurate database.

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Maintaining Good Deliverability

The more bounces your domain and email accounts send to, the lower your sender reputation, which results in a higher likelihood of your emails skipping the inbox and ending up in your prospects spam.

Email Validation Simplified

While email validation is not perfect, it can help a lot. There are four main response codes from checking the smtp servers of an email domain.

The first is a valid email, this means it is possible to check the validity of the email address and it's valid. The second is a catch-all email, this means that any email sent to that server will be accepted even though it still may be an invalid email. The third is an indeterminate response, this means that the server didn't return a response in a reasonable amount of time. The fourth, as you might guess, is invalid, which means that it's possible to check if the email is valid and it returned as invalid.

Additional Protection

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Master Bounce List

Every time an email bounces in our system, we add it to the SalesReply master bounce list so no one from our system can ever send to that bounced contact again.

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Blacklist Automation

When a new meeting gets booked, users can set it up to automatically blacklist the domain from receiving future outreach. This prevents any hot prospects from being contacted by your reps.

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What percent of emails can actually be validated?

Roughly about 50% of emails can be validated. If an email is a catch-all email address, it is unable to be validated.

What is the difference between a hard bounce and soft bounce?

A hard bounce is a clear indicator that the email account is invalid. A soft bounce can occur for many different reasons such as a highly-sensitive spam filter.

Can I upload my own blacklist?

Yes. Unlike other providers, we've made it extremely simple to upload your contact and account blacklists, making them very easy to maintain.

How does the master bounce list work?

Any hard bounce sent from any SalesReply user system-wide is added to the master bounce list. This is the same for contacts that have been validated and found to be invalid.