B2B Cold Email Outreach Is Our Specialty

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Our Competitive Advantages

1180 - Digital Marketing II

Multivariate Testing

We've invented an entirely new way to optimize email copy using variable sets.

4975 - Multiple Servers

Internal Email Server

Our email server allows us to manage and control deliverability on our email domains.

5209 - Escalating Bar Graph

Volume Throttling

Our automated email volume ramps allow for a natural growth of our email outreach.

How Our Email Process Works

4419 - Email on Laptop

Set Up Email Domains

To diversify the risk of your main company email domain being blacklisted we setup secondary domains and steadily warm them up for outreach.

6539 - Test Tubes

Define Testing Variables

We build values for each variable set (ex. Subject, Greeting, Opener, Problem, Value Prop, Story, Call-To-Action, Closer, etc).

2869 - Contacts Book

Build & Validate Email Lists

We build custom lists using our data providers and large overseas research team and remove all the invalid emails.

4430 - Support Agent Working

Objection Handling & Meeting Setting

Our US team of responders manage all the campaign responses, schedule/reshedule meetings and log booked meetings.

Transparent Real-Time Reporting

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At Anytime Clients Can Login, View Real-Time Statistics And Update Campaigns

Key Aspects of Email Authentication

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SPF defines the IPs allowed to send mail for a domain. This is the first method of authentication.

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DKIM provides a digital signature that verifies that an email message was not faked or altered.

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DMARC unifies SPF and DKIM into a framework and declares how unauthenticated emails are handled.

Some Recent Meetings From Email Prospecting


SVP, HR & Organization Development


Executive Director, Global Business Strategy and Indirect Purchasing

DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse

Chief Marketing Officer

Bank of America

Senior Vice President - Market Research

United Way

Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Freddie Mac

Senior VP, HR, Diversity, & Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer

General Mills

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Engineering Officer


Senior Director of Clinical Supply Logistics


Chief Information Security Officer

Kendall + Kylie

Chief Executive Officer

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