Let our team of sales strategists and responders do the heavy lifting.

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Team Structure

All full service clients get a strategist, responder and researcher.

6432 - Brainstorming

Sales Strategist

The "Sales Strategist" role specializes in outbound strategy, campaign creation, optimization, goal tracking and reporting. This is your day-to-day POC.

4429 - Support Agent Speaking


The "Responder" role specializes in responding to all the inbound emails generated by the Sales Strategist. They are the master at objections and meeting setting.

5438 - Software Developer


The "Researcher" role is to uncover influencers and decision-makers for your product/service. They search websites, LinkedIn and our internal database resources.

Multi-Channel Outreach Strategies

For every client, we create a custom strategic outreach playbook and set weekly goals.


Our Launch Process

67 - Targets

PHASE 1: Draft Strategy Documentation

Every good sales program starts out with a plan. Our Sales Development Playbook consists all of the following: Company Profile, Value Proposition, Ideal Company Profile, Buyer Profile, Competitor Analysis, Qualification Questions, Objections, Pains/Gains, Email Copy, Channel Strategy, Campaigns and Timing.

67 - Targets

PHASE 2: Build Total Addressable Market List

Before starting outreach, we strive to build the largest Total Addressable Market (TAM) possible. The TAM is a master list of all the total companies that could potentially buy your product or service. Depending on the industry it can range from tens to hundreds of companies and requires a deep understanding of the product and market.

67 - Targets

PHASE 3: Campaign Creation & Optimization

Every week, we review campaign KPIs and meeting rates to optimize campaign messaging, variables and steps for increased open rates, reply rates, open-to-meeting rates, and response-to-meeting rates. When optimizing variables, lower performing variables will be paused and higher performing variables will be set up to challenge new ones.

67 - Targets

PHASE 4: Meeting Setting & Scaling Outreach

Our responders manage all the inboxes and take care of responding to objections, following up on questions, scheduling meetings, rescheduling missed meetings, send out meeting reminders, blacklist contacts and update SalesReply with new contact and meeting data.

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Why would I need full service?

Our full service option is perfect for small teams that need the expertise our Sales Hackers and Responders can add to their organization. If you are a founder of a B2B company and have not built out an inside sales team, this is a great, low-risk option. 

Why do I need a Strategist and Responder?

We've separated these two roles so each can focus on specialized tasks. Traditionally, these tasks are both taken on by an Inside Sales Rep, but that causes issues as they often deprioritize important tasks such as following up with potential meetings or scheduling missed meetings. These are two example tasks that we have removed from the Sales Haker's plate and specialed by the Responder.

How often do we meet?

While we prefer to be connected on slack at all times, we schedule weekly update calls with our clients to review lists, campaigns, optimizations, meetings, results and closed deals.

How does the Full Service team work with my existing team?

We do everything besides hold the meetings. We will work with your internal teams to keep the pipeline up to date, set and reschedule meetings, build new lists, update the database, and share results and ideas.


Unlimited Everything


Meeting Setting