Lead Generation Glossary: Email Marketing

The days of simply purchasing a list and blasting out thousands of emails and seeing any prolonged success are over. Email marketing is getting more intricate by the day. Simply put, you need the right knowledge, team, and strategies to succeed.

Open Tracking

Open tracking is the process of adding an open tracking pixel to an email with the intent of identifying if, and when, the email is opened by the recipient. This is a common practice for email marketing and is used to optimize the effectiveness of a subject line using A/B testing.

Open Tracking Pixel

An open tracking pixel is a one pixel image that is triggered to send information to a specific URL to notify that an email has been opened.

Open-to-Reply %

Open-to-reply % is an email marketing metric that helps A/B tests and optimizes the effectiveness of email copy. This metric represents the amount of replies divided by the amount of opens which analyzes the reply rate compared to the relative amount of opens. It gives the marketer a better representation of their copy’s effectiveness because it doesn’t allow the open percentage to impact the results.


An opener is an element of email copy that sets the stage and gives the recipient context for why they’ve been contacted. This element can be optimized by using multivariate testing inside SalesReply.

Reply Tracking

Reply tracking is a technique of tracking responses back to their individual email template or campaigns. Reply tracking is a keystone in modern sales development because it allows sales development reps to automatically remove people that require them to respond to their campaigns from receiving future emails. It is a great metric for understanding and optimizing the effectiveness of your email copy.

Reply-to-Meeting %

Reply-to-meeting % is a metric that helps identify favorable replies. The reason this metric is important is because even if someone replies it could be an unfavorable reply. Using reply rate could be a bad statistic to judge your email copy if all the replies are negative. The formula to identify your reply-to-meeting % is number of meetings divided by number of replies.

Response Categorization

Response categorization is a method of organizing and categorizing responses by response type in order to more effectively optimize email campaigns. Within SalesReply responses are automatically categorized using our internal AI categorization engine.

Spam Keyword

A spam keyword is a word or phrase spam filters look for when deciding to send an email to the inbox or the spam box. Keywords such as “Viagra,” have been so heavily used in email spamming that if you send an email with that word in it, spam filters will likely send that email automatically to spam. However, a company with a perfect email domain rep and perfect IP rep will be able to hit an inbox no matter what. You can check out a list of our internal spam keywords here.


Sender policy framework (SPF) was the first method created for email authentication, and is the minimum requirement needed to set up a new email domain within a domain name system (DNS) record. SPF can also be combined with the two other email authentication techniques, DMARC and DKIM to maximize email authentication and security.


Spoofing is a technique used by hackers and criminals to make it appear as though they are other people or companies. An example of spoofing is a criminal presenting himself as the CEO of a company and then emails a CFO to wire money to the criminal’s account. Therefore, the criminal is spoofing because they have access to an email domain which they aren’t authorized to use. It is very important to set up email authentication to prevent spoofing from happening.