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Difficulties Of List Building

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Cost of Data

Building accurate and complete sales lists is not for the faint-hearted. Most data providers require large annual contracts and have a high cost per contact.

Additionally, most data providers have specialties and gaps in data, which often leads to needing manual research or additional data partnerships.

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Manual Research

Building and validating contact and account lists is very time-consuming. Most data providers do not provide the level of detail needed to build out your dream list.

Manual offshore research can be a good solution, but hiring and managing an offshore research team can be a big headache and have mixed results.

Our List Building Process

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Leverage Our Data Partnerships

We've created data partnerships with almost every data provider. This allows us to get great pricing and build lists using multiple data partners to build the most complete lists possible.

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Compile And Validate Data

For every account, we aim to find 3-5 decision makers and influencers. In order to maximize account lists, we pull data from all of our data partners and research team to aggregate and dedupe them for upload.

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Outsource Manual Research Tasks

Our outsourced research teams in India and the Philippines are specifically trained to find contacts and contact information for B2B prospecting. Manual research is great for hard to find accounts and contacts.

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Clean And Enhance Data

Not only do we validate all of our contact information, but we also can clean and enhance all of your existing account and contact data so you have the most accurate and complete data possible.

Key Deliverables for New Clients

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Total Addressable Market

Master list of the total companies you can work within the United States.

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Decision Maker Contact Info

We source and validate decision maker emails and direct phone numbers.

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