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Scale Without Hiring Internally

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How Does It Work

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Traditional SDR Model

For over a decade, businesses have relied on scaling their outbound prospecting by hiring a team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), who all operate independently and compete against each other.

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Our Next Generation Responder Model

We've created a specialized function called the "Responder" that responds to all email responses. This role supports the Sales Strategist and allows for a high amount of response volume and email follow up.

Responder Responsibilities

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Objection Handling

With a high email volume, comes a high volume of responses and questions. Having one point person to handle objections allows for template response optimization and gives a helping hand to sales reps.

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Meeting Setting

Once a positive response comes in, the Responder then needs to book the meeting by either sending times or sending out a scheduling link, which is often not the preferred method by prospects.

The Responder must schedule a meeting with the correct sales rep during an available time slot. Sometimes it can take up to 5 emails back and forth to get a meeting time nailed down. There can be a significant amount of meetings that drop off in this step, that is why we always recommend logging potential meetings in SalesReply.

B2B Sales Development Outsourcing Agency & Platform

Meeting Rescheduling

We hate to point fingers at sales reps, but their schedules are always changing and often times need to reschedule meetings. This can be a headache and a huge time killer for sales reps, but the Responder is a pro at this and takes on rescheduling with ease. 

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Tracking Down Missed Opportunites

By logging potential meetings in SalesReply, responders are able to keep these hot prospects top-of-mind and use the potential meeting statuses to manage follow-ups through potential meeting lifecycle.

We've Set 3,000+ Meetings This Year

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How do we interact with our Responder?

All of our Responders work full-time from their home offices. While they are willing to use any internal system you might have, we like to connect with all of our clients via slack, email and weekly calls.

Does our responder work with other clients?

You can choose to hire a dedicated or shared Responder. They have dedicated responders are more expensive but will not be working with any other clients.

How do I know if I need to hire a Responder?

If you need someone to handle all of your outbound responses and manage the data inside your SalesReply account, we highly recommend hiring at least a shared responder. They can also help schedule meetings with inbound leads.