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A New Take On Meetings

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Organize Your Potential Meetings

Picture this - a hot prospect says they're interested, you send them some times and they never get back to you. This is why we created the ability to log potential meetings and convert them into booked meetings.

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Manage Your Booked Meetings

We've added everything you need for modern pipeline management including: meeting statuses, meeting owners, custom fields, intro call notes, meeting dates, owners and even automated reminders.

No Need For Any Other CRM

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Custom Meeting Statuses

Every sales process is different. We've built in standard meeting statuses, with the ability to completely customize them. In addition, we've added the ability to mark statuses as opportunities, closed won or closed lost to enable conversion tracking of custom statuses.

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Custom Meeting Fields

There is always a need for additional fields on opportunities, so we've added the ability to completely customize what fields need to be logged when creating and updating a meeting.

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Automated Meeting Reminders

In an effort to improve meeting attendance rates, we've built in meeting reminders directly into the platform. They send out a few hours before each meeting and can be turned off at the meeting and account level.

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Potential Meeting Conversions

Similar to how you would convert a lead into an opportunity in Salesforce, we've built the ability to easily convert potential meetings into meetings with the click of a button.

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Does SalesReply have opportunities?

In SalesReply, meetings are essentially opportunities. You can create custom statuses and track their progress through the sales cycle by meeting owner.

What are potential meetings?

We created Potential Meetings to track all the meetings we are actively working that have not been scheduled. This is a great tool to help prioritize prospects for manual follow up.

Can I log notes on my meetings?

Yes. Every meeting has three large notes fields, one for "Intro Call Notes," one for "Stage Notes," and one simply called "Notes."

How do meeting statues work?

Our Meeting Statuses are what people would traditionally call Opportunity Stages. You can create custom statuses that reflect the stages of your sales cycle.

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