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Maximize Market Penetration With 360° Campaigns

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6 Key Campaign Channels


What would be an outbound campaign without an email step? Still one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of outreach.


In our digital world, who doesn't love receiving a thoughtful letter? Impress your prospects by making them think you took the time out of your day to write them a nice note.

Direct Mail

While direct mail may be the most expensive form of outreach, it is also one of the most effective. Our integration to Amazon allows our users to select any Amazon item and surprise their prospects with custom gifts.


One of the best ways to turn your cold leads into warm leads is to show them advertising before you ever reach out to them. We like to call it, increasing the "I've heard of you guys" factor.


Adding prospects on LinkedIn is not only another great touchpoint but also just a great idea in general. Once you are connected with a prospect on LinkedIn, you have a whole nother channel to communicate and stay up to date one.


Who said cold calling is dead? While it is one of the least scalable channels it is still a proven outreach channel and worth an honorable mention.

Sample Multichannel Campaign

  • Step 1 - Add to Ad Campaign

    Day 1

  • Step 2 - LinkedIn Invite

    Day 15

  • Step 3 - Intro Email

    Day 16

  • Step 4 - Follow Up Email

    Day 19

  • Step 5 - Handwritten Letter

    Day 25

  • Step 6 - Email Mentioning Letter

    Day 29

  • Step 7 - Phone Call

    Day 31

  • Step 8 - 2nd Phone Call/Voicemail

    Day 33

  • Step 9 - Breakup Email

    Day 38

  • Step 10 - Remove From Ad Campaign

    Day 39

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How do I setup advertising?

We've created a partnership with AdRoll that allows us to target specific email addresses with ads. This can be a great way to warm up your contacts before sending you cold outreach.

Are the handwritten letters completely automated?

Yes. We've created a partnership with Handwrytten that allows us to programmatically send handwritten letters to your prospects as a part of your campaigns.

How does the LinkedIn integration work?

This along with phone call steps are the only two manual steps for the multichannel campaigns. LinkedIn doesn't look kindly on automated outreach.

How are people removed from campaigns?

Similar to other sales development platforms, contacts can be removed from campaigns when a reply is detected from our system.