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Difficulties With Traditional A/B Testing

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Single Variable Tests

Traditional A/B testing is best done by testing the performance changes of two instances of one variable, such as sending the same email with two different subject lines and seeing which one has more opens. 

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Lost Tracking Results

While A/B tests are easy to perform, tracking their results is usually left by the wayside. With current sales development platforms, there is no easy way to keep a log of tests and compare A/B testing data.

Our Patent Pending Solution

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Introducing Variables Sets

We've broken down the sales email into variables (ex. Subject, Greeting, Opener, Problem Statement, Value Proposition, Story, Call-To-Action, Closer). For each variable a user can upload a set of values and report on and optimize which variables are yielding the best open rates, responses and meetings booked.

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Simultaneous Variable Tests

When using variable sets, every single aspect of a campaign can be tested, as opposed to traditional A/B testing when only one variable can be tested at a time.

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Simple Reporting & Optimization

Inside each variable set, there are stats for sends, open rate, response rate, and meeting rate. This allows users to pause lower performing variables in each set and add challengers to their existing top performers.

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Affects on Deliverability

Using variable sets for optimization testing is not only a more efficient method of testing, but it also increases deliverability as every single email becomes unique, which prevents emails being identified as "similar to other emails identified as spam."

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What is multivariate testing?

Multivariate testing allows users to test more than one variable of an email per test as opposed to traditional A/B testing, which only tests on variable at a time.

Can I pause poor performing tests?

Yes. Not only can you pause performing A/B tests at the email level, but you can also pause poor performing variables inside of your variable sets.

How many emails should I send before optimizing?

We recommend that each A/B test variable receives 100-300 emails each before pausing poor performing variables.

Is it possible to create custom variable sets?

Yes. You can create as many custom variable sets as you need. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple products and/or verticals for which you need different messaging.