The Days of Spreadsheets Are Over

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Easily find and segment your contact lists by your most engaged contacts. By changing your reporting date range, you can report on and download the number of touches, opens, replies and meetings by contact including any custom field data.


Finally, we have mastered account based reporting. SalesReply automatically creates accounts for every contact using emails domain as the unique identifier. Then, it uses these accounts to report on your entire market size, how many companies you have contacted, how many companies have opened emails, how many touches per company, and ultimately meeting rates and market penetration.


We've built out reporting on our multichannel campaigns and variable sets, which is completely redefining the optimization of email copy. We've also have built a feature called "Campaign Categories" that allows users to group campaigns and report on multiple campaigns at once.


Not only can we report on emails and direct mail, but we also report on what contacts have been added to advertising campaigns, and how those campaigns are performing.


As a result of having our meeting management platform built into our outbound platform, we are able to track conversions from campaigns and manage pipeline and stage changes all in one place.

Sales Reps

In SalesReply, you can report on accounts, contacts, and pipeline all by Sales Rep and compare results and goal tracking.


By adding your contract value to your closed won deals in SalesReply, you can easily track your ROI on all of your campaigns.

Key Aspects of Account-Based Reporting

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Total Addressable Market

One of the first steps to a successful outbound strategy is gaining a full understanding of the size of the target market. After that, it's important to plan on the segmentation and execution strategy.

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Market Penetration

The success of a B2B outbound campaign is tracked against how many companies are reached out to, opened, responded, set meetings and closed deals. We track this at the company aka "Account" level.

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How does the account-based reporting work?

SalesReply is built specifically for B2B selling. We use the email domain to auto-create accounts and associate their contacts. In doing so, we are able to generate details account-based reporting. For example, you can report on how many companies you have contacted, how many companies have opened emails, etc.

How does SalesReply goal tracking work?

We allow users to set weekly meeting and sales goals and track against their performance by Sales Rep.

What are campaign categories?

Campaign categories is a new concept we've created. A user can assign multiple campaigns to a single category and then report on the overall performance of the category.

How does variable set reporting work?

Variable set reporting is one of our most advanced features. It allows you to report on the performance of each variable inside of your variable sets which allows you to optimize your variables sets by turning off lower performing variables.