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Why Unlimited?

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Give One Person The Power Of An Army

We've built this platform around the idea that one person can run the entire outbound strategy for an entire sales team. By allowing a user to use multiple email accounts of their sales reps inside one campaign, it aggregates what normally would be split into say 10 campaigns into one main campaign. This makes it much easier to optimize.

The Sky Is The Limit

B2B Sales Development Outsourcing Agency & Platform

Unlimited Users

Allow anyone from your team to join. No incremental costs of scaling. 

B2B Sales Development Outsourcing Agency & Platform

Unlimited Emails

Increase your sending volume by adding additional email accounts for free.

B2B Sales Development Outsourcing Agency & Platform

Unlimited Contacts

No matter how large your database is, we've got you covered.

B2B Sales Development Outsourcing Agency & Platform

Unlimited Sending

No volume maximums per day. As mentioned earlier, everything is unlimited.

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SalesReply is optimized to have a master admin, which we call the Sales Hacker. This role is replacing the need to have 10 SDRs. The Sales Hacker can create and coordinate all campaigns for all of their sales reps, by adding multiple email accounts per campaign/user login. This removes the disparity between testing by being able to optimize one campaign instead of trying to duplicate a campaign across all of your reps and then somehow optimizing by aggregating all of the campaign data.

None whatsoever. The only additional cost you may incur in hiring more AEs.

All other Sales Development platforms charge by user and/or volume. We took a different approach and are charging one flat fee with no hidden user or volume fees that often result from growth and success.

Yes and no. Depending on your email domain age and reputation, you will want to limit your sending to prevent your emails as being marked as a spam domain. Because of this risk, we always recommend using a secondary email domain for your bulk sending.